1992: The company Papanikolaou Ltd. (MOTOSTAR) is founded by the Papanikolaou Spyros family. Its main activity is the import of large capacity motorcycles from Canada.
1998: The Papanikolaou Ltd. company is active in the field of new motorcycles, offering high services in sales and after sales service. In our facilities 500 sq.m. An accessories department, a spare parts department & a workshop with the most modern specifications are created.
2003: The company Papanikolaou Ltd. always at the service of the motorcyclist takes another big step by creating a new store in Patras. In the new facilities of 1000 sq.m. houses the new accessories department, the new technical department and the new spare parts department of the company.
2012: Our company creates its online store at www.pols.gr (Papanicolaou On Line Store). Our goal is to sell products (helmets, clothing, accessories, etc.) at the best market prices with fast and easy shipping.
2013: After a successful year, our online store www.pols.gr is completely upgraded by incorporating new technology for the best service of its users.
2016: Our company expands the building facilities (1400 sq.m.) and renovates all its parts.
2017: Our company undertakes the representation of BMW Motorrad for the region of Western Greece.
2021: Our company now provides the possibility of renting motorcycles through bmwmotorent.gr.